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Řáholec Cup 2009

virtual soaring competition - world class


Řáholec Cup 2009 › Skin Řáholec Cup for PW-5

You can download glider skin especially created for this competition. You have two choices: ZIP file and then unpack to C:\Program Files\Condor\Planes\PW-5\Skins, or link to goodies on (ZIP file)  |  Goody on (login there to enable download).

Screenshots › Skin Řáholec Cup for PW-5

image image
image image

Additionals skins for PW-5

Here you can download additional 25 skins for PW-5 Smyk. Download this ZIP file and then unpack BMP files to C:\Program Files\Condor\Planes\PW-5\Skins. Skins by VK, JHO, MSE, 3P, PJE... (ZIP file)